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Your Gut Holds the Power of Your Overall Health.

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When you transform your digestion, you change your life. It's time to make a change that will profoundly affect your overall health, from hormones to mood, energy, and stress levels.

About Karen Przybylski L.Ac.

Meet Karen


I’m Karen Przybylski, a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Board Certified, Licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (TCM). I help women, like you, with IBS find lasting relief from gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea so they can do away with embarrassing tummy troubles for good. Unlike quick fixes you might see with fad diets, I find the root cause of IBS and create personalized treatment plans that work to provide sustainable results so you can enjoy food again without discomfort. I understand the frustration and embarrassment that comes with IBS. Ditch the bloat, feel good in your clothes, and have the freedom to enjoy a variety of food again!

I was stressed out, developed digestive issues, and didn’t know what to do. Over the years I tried everything – probiotics, detoxing, cleansing, restrictive diets, intermittent fasting – anything I could find. I would get temporary relief only to have it all come back within a few months. Nothing worked long-term. I hated how I felt – tired, bloated, cranky, unable to digest food properly, and afraid to dine out. I love fashion and none of my clothes fit me right so I never felt I had anything to wear. My energy was so low, I woke up tired, had no energy to play with my kids, and had a consistent 2 pm slump that required coffee to make it through the rest of the day.

It was time to make a change. I knew how powerful food was and decided to use nutrition as the first step to healing my body. I made an effort and made the changes. I adhered to a regimen of clean eating, eliminating gluten, dairy, soy, and coffee. I saw how well it worked in my life, but I still needed something more to push me to the final place of total wellness with long-term results. After extensive research and education, I became a Functional Medicine Practitioner.

Integrating Functional Medicine diagnostic assessments with TCM played a pivotal role in identifying the underlying causes of my symptoms and served as a blueprint for my treatment plan. I ordered a GI Map test, identified the root cause of my IBS, and created a targeted supplement and nutrition plan for myself. Within just a few weeks I felt 80% better! I continued to support my wellness plan by incorporating stress management techniques, hormone balancing, regular exercise, and prioritized quality sleep. I wasn’t bloated, tired, moody, or experiencing any of the digestive issues I had before. Most importantly, my symptoms did not return. It took me years of trial and error to find a resolution to my IBS, but you don’t have to! I have the experience and expertise to streamline treatment and have you feeling an improvement in symptoms in just a few weeks.

I wanted to support fellow busy women like me in identifying the root cause of their IBS, make sustainable lifestyle changes, and start feeling better, so I created the Digestive Health Center telehealth clinic!

You might feel like you’ve tried everything, but here’s an effective plan that produces real results.

Are you with me?

How many times have you encountered bloating, abdominal discomfort, gas, and bowel irregularity after a meal? It seems like everything you ingest just brings you PAIN.

The trouble is, you’ve got to eat at some point. You’ve tried all of the diets, the “cleanses” and detox tips to get your gut back on track, but NOTHING is giving you the relief that you so desperately need.

Maybe they worked for a little while, allowing you to feel better for a few days or even weeks. Suddenly, IT’S BACK- the heartburn, the bloating, the rumbling tummy noises, the difficult bowel movements.

Whether you’ve always struggled with poor gut health, or noticed for the past several weeks or months, your digestion just feels off. It’s time to say goodbye to all of that and make a commitment to your health right NOW.

I know, it's tough.

You’ve heard all of this before, and you really WANT to make a change. I know what it’s like to experience the kind of discomfort that you’d do ANYTHING to make go away. You’re determined but also discouraged because…

  • Even when you try to eliminate unhealthy foods, you still have issues with digestion
  • You’re not used to eating healthy and you haven’t stuck with it before. What’s the difference this time?
  • You wake up feeling bloated or with an upset stomach, unable to eat breakfast
  • You’ve done this before, and even when it seemed like your digestion was improving, it went right back downhill shortly afterward

This frustrating, constant state of indigestion makes you...

  • Want to clean up your diet but what’s the point when nothing changes?
  • Disappointed in the direction that your health has taken despite your efforts.
  • You’re always dealing with digestive problems, especially bloating, cramping, and irregularity.
  • You can’t keep up with activities you used to love – you get winded too easily, you don’t have the energy, can’t keep up, and limit social events.

You’re not happy with how you look or how you feel, but what can you do?

It’s time to get to the root cause of your digestive issues and ditch the temporary fixes!

Here's how the Digestive Health Center can help you...


Get personalized, one-on-one support to help you overcome your biggest challenges! We specialize in digestive health issues such as IBS, SIBO, Acid Reflux, Leaky Gut, Dysbiosis, IBD, food sensitivities, and weight loss. If you suffer from symptoms such as - headache, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, fullness, brain fog, skin issues, weight gain & more - we can help identify the root cause and tailor a treatment specific to your condition.


Digestive Health Center makes practical and effective use of specialty lab tests to help understand the physiological profile of each individual patient. This allows us to develop treatment plans that are targeted, comprehensive, and individualized.


Our "Food First" approach to treatment is what sets us apart from traditional medical interventions. Food is a powerful source of information for our body. The food choices that we make on a daily basis affect the epigenetic expression of our genome. This dictates which genes are “turned on”, the cofactors available to support biochemical reactions, and the composition of our gut microbiome based on the food sources made available to them.


Digestive Health Center will match the right herbal formula(s) to your current health needs, taking into account your "whole picture” including constitution, lifestyle, nutrition, stress, genetics, and environment. Herbal therapy & supplements help repair compromised tissue, reduce inflammation, support digestion, improve sleep, rebalance hormones, and help your body adapt to stress.

Functional Lab Testing

Adrenal Stress Profile

Comprehensive Stool Test

Organic Acids Test

Are you experiencing chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue? Having trouble losing weight? Genova’s Adrenocortex Stress Profile is comprehensive – assessing cortisol diurnal rhythm, DHEA, and optional cortisol awakening response (CAR).

The gut microbiome plays a critical role in mediating the effects of diet and other factors on health, including digestive, immune, metabolic, and neuroendocrine functions. Assessing GI health with the proper tools can help practitioners get to the root cause of chronic illness.

The NutrEval® is both a blood and urine profile that evaluates over 125 biomarkers and assesses the body’s functional need for 40 antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive support, and other select nutrients. Personalized recommendations are determined based on the need for therapeutic support in areas of methylation, toxic exposure, mitochondrial dysfunction, fatty acid imbalances, and oxidative stress. 

Most of the detoxes, cleanses and supplements that you’ve tried are not targeted and specific to your body’s individual needs.  The results are short-term. They don’t give you a way to keep going, so your gut doesn’t truly get healthy.

The key to lasting digestive health is nourishing your body with the right food and supplements for your unique needs and making small, sustainable lifestyle shifts to aid your body’s own healing abilities!

With my whole-body approach, you’ll get the tools, resources, and most importantly, the SUPPORT you need to nourish your body with clean, whole foods, that aren’t drenched in ingredients that’ll harm your digestive system. Discover hacks that make healthy eating a snap, and replace old habits with a new attitude!

Imagine how you’ll feel when you can:

Above all, consider how good it will feel to be completely free from all your digestive issues… for good!

Friends at Restaurant Gut Health
After 20 years of suffering with IBS and SIBO, Karen helped me eliminate my symptoms and heal completely - something gastroenterologists were unable to do. How? Through her grasp of the complex interdependencies of gut health, and, crucially, on her expert interpretation of the stool test she ordered. She then prescribed a targeted supplement and dietary regime, and offered warm support along the way. If you are searching from one blog and podcast to the next for an IBS cure as I did, stop shooting in the dark. Invest in a package with Karen - she is a generation ahead of the conventional digestive health paradigm.
Jacob H.
Karen is amazing! I struggled with stomach issues for years. Bloating, constipation, and gas. Karen put me on an elimination diet. So with that, I learned what I was sensitive to and what I should avoid! I felt so great at that point, I lost 10 lbs and kept it off! Whenever I have questions, shopping lists, meal planning, or need advice Karen is there for me I am so grateful to her for all she has done for me!
Amy P.
I was fortunate to receive treatment from Karen an enthusiastic and dedicated practitioner. What sets Karen apart is her personalized approach. She took the time to know me and tailored treatments to my unique needs. Her treatments not only relieved my pain and stress but also improved my overall well-being. I even discovered that I was suffering from Celiac Disease after seeing her for care. Her expertise and caring nature make her endearing. Thank you, Karen, for your positive impact on my health!
Emily O.
My main goal when starting to work with Karen was to work on my gut health and treat my SIBO. Karen helped me with my food choices and gave me supplements to help with my overall health and immune system. The biggest change since working with Karen is a reduction in my SIBO symptoms! I have worked with physicians and specialists and many of them don't know how to treat SIBO and told me to deal with it. She is the first person to listen to me about my symptoms and help me figure out how to treat them. My favorite thing about Karen is that she is willing to help hold your hand whether you choose to go with drastic changes or if you are managing a diet while living a fast-paced life. She works with me and provides great ideas for what I can do even though the rest of my family is not on the same food plan, or if I am traveling, or what to do during the holidays. She isn't judgmental and will work with any level of commitment, she is very sympathetic, empathetic, and supportive. Karen is organized and very knowledgeable. Anything she doesn't know she researches at great lengths and provides incredible insight. She is worth every dollar and you will see positive changes in your health and lifestyle. My favorite thing is she will work with you on an elimination diet and if you tell her certain things you can't live without, she will try to work around it! I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking at making positive lifestyle changes, anyone who is a female, anyone who is a parent trying to manage busy schedules, any working individual, and anyone who has trouble with their stomach, gut health, or digestive challenges.
Alyssa E.

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Your digestive health is vital to so many different bodily functions.

It has an effect on your mood, sleep, brain function, and so much more. There are so many foods that we eat every day that can affect our digestive health negatively. To get started, you need to learn all about your gut health, what helps it, and what hurts it. I don’t want you to keep living in discomfort because of poor digestion.

Take the First Step to a Healthier You: Transform Your Well-being with Our Quick and Insightful Inflammation Quiz!

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